Alberto Miotti

Product Information

My academic background includes a Master in Science degree in Electronics, with a specialization in Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Trieste (Italy).

Subsequent to my graduation I worked for companies dealing with electronics in charge for domestic and international markets as area manager, export manager and business development manager.

After ten years of activity in this area I completed an EMBA (Executive MBA, certified by ASFOR, AMBA, Executive MBA Council) in order to acquire through a structured and certified learning path some additional skills, capabilities and knowledge that can help me improve my professional experience in order to accomplish my career goals.
This experience led me to develop skills that makes me able to analyze, interpret and understand aspects pertaining to different business sectors and functions, allowing me to extend my potential activities to markets and industries diverging from my academic provenance.

Consequently my profile combines a solid technical background, an extensive experience of market-related activities and a serious management training.