Alessandro Longo

Product Information

I’m an electronic engineer with a master degree in telecommunications. I’ve been for 5 years an employee of a multinational French company and in that period I obtained a management diploma at the SDA Bocconi and EM Lyon. In 2003 I achieved a full time MBA degree cum laude in International Business at the MIB School of Management of Trieste and soon after I spent 6 years in Asia working in the field of international commerce, trading and technology transfer towards China and Hong Kong. I also had some experiences as CEO and founder of start-ups and since 3 years I belong to the board of directors of a local political party.

Since 1999 I’ve been into teaching at different levels, both for youngers and for adults or professionals. This, along with the growing experiences on field, are probably the reasons that made me evolve from teacher to coach and finally to consultant. From 2008 I belong to the NET-EX group, contributing in the projects linked to “technology” or where a support for internationalization or commerce with foreign markets is needed.

My natural curiosity brought me to diversify my competences so that today I can catch up very quickly even in complex contexts within the companies, speaking the same language of each department and targeting results which area pragmatic, quickly achievable but also measurable. I love to essay new challenges and find simple and effective solutions in complex environments.

Final goal? The holistic satisfaction of the customer!