Cristina Fonzar

Product Information

Empathic by vocation.
Aesthete by contamination.
Problem-solver by nature.

Tuning into others to close gaps and developing relationships of quality is vital for me and forms the backbone of my work.

In marketing, as in communication, needs and requirements need to be known, interpreted and processed before any goal can be actively determined and achieved.

Nurtured professionally in companies operating in the luxury goods industries worldwide, from superyachts to champagne, I have had the opportunity of cultivating  a strong sense of beauty that accompanies me in my everyday activities and into the future in search of new trends to be passed on to those who rely on our team.

Beauty  – found in abstract and thoughts as well as material realities –  is for me an inexhaustible source of energy, creativity and inspiration. It is my secret for transforming problems into opportunities for growth.